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Published Articles

Reducing Dose in Cardiac CT
In this article, Dr. Sarabi discusses steps that can be taken during CT scans to reduce radiation exposure.

MRI-Compatible Pacemaker Scan
OC Metro quotes Dr. Sarabi on the first MRI scan performed on a patient with a new type of pacemaker at Hoag Hospital.



Dear Dr. Sarabi,

It’s the night before my procedure and I started thinking... what a different turn my heart would take without your caring help. You’re probably saying, “There she goes again!” But you have rescued me at the most difficult time of my life.

I’m hoping that some day you will be fully recognized in your are of expertise I’ll be volunteering at Hoag soon to give back, but how do I give back to you? If I can ever help in any way, please let me know.

You are the most wonderful &brightest of doctors. Know that I will always appreciate & remember you as a part of my health. I just had to tell you again...thank you.



Dear Dr. Sarabi,

Truly, words cannot express the thankfulness that our family has that you have been my Grandmother’s cardiologist. In addition to being a gifted physician, you are gifted with compassion, understanding, patience, and kindness.

Although my mind’s a little (a lot) fuzzy at this time (lack of sleep I think), it is important that I attempt to convey the heart-felt gratitude that each of us has for all that you have done for my Grandmother, as well as for the many kindnesses that you have shown our family. This appreciation is truly independent of any surgical outcome(s).

You have been in my Grandmother’s and my bedtime prayers, as well as in my personal prayers. May the Lord bless and keep you all of your days.

M. M.


Dr. Sarabi,

A million thanks to you. Without your great care and God’s help, I would not be celebrating this wonderful Christmas.

Thank you.


Dr. Sarabi,

Hi. Thank you very much for everything. I am very much obliged for your kindness. I always remember the day (9th July 2009). I was collapsed and brought to Hoag ER and met you there. Otherwise there was no way possible to know you. I am glad I met you.

It’s 2 1/2 years now from that day. Your determination, expert medical care and kindness never ever failed to impress us. Dr. Sarabi, you are a wonderful person. Please stay like that forever. You are in my every day’s Prayers with my family. May god show his blessing upon you and bless you with long, happy, healthy, prosperous life...”Amen.” Take Care.

Yours Sincerely,
T. S.


Dr. Sarabi,

Two years have gone by since my heart surgery (April 12-2010) and I want you to know how much of a key role you have been. You of course referred me to Dr. Zusman, who without question he is one of the finest surgeons!! And I certainly appreciate all your knowledge and awareness during my recovery, and on-going.

I will always be grateful to you -- and will you and yours the very best for the future-- and great health always.

Yours Sincerely,


Dear Dr. Sarabi & Team,

Although a bit delayed, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful treatment & care you extended to me on my visit back in March.

Allowing me to have the stress-echo, despite what the insurance company decided, was so appreciated... I can now continue my triathlon training knowing that my heart is healthy & can handle the stress

A thousand thank you’s!

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